Regenerate: Don’t Degenerate

Heartiness Approach helps you regenerate your body through exercise, correct eating habits, and emotional wellness.

Avoid exercise. Tell jokes about exercising. Dread the exercise you know you should be doing. Feel guilty about not exercising. Degenerate until every move hurts and you can’t take care of your basic needs.


Too many of our friends live that story. The irony? Most of us do not need to follow that storyline. That is the story written by many who have gone before us. The choice is ours. We can’t choose our end. We can choose our path. The ranks of those who choose a lifestyle that creates a story of limited or no pain increase every day.  These lucky people continue with the ability to care for personal needs until the end. They regenerate their bodies as their bodies were designed to.


Heartiness Approach is not the only place to learn about and receive encouragement to regenerate as our birthdays add up but we are here and eager to help you join the increasing throng.


We will demonstrate how to start and keep exercising despite your current physical limitations. We will start there but along the way, we will discuss why exercise is valuable and essential. Exercise is more important for those with higher birthday counts because society, culture, traditions, and habits have long encouraged and expected that we all slow down with each birthday. If our pep talks don’t convince you that you too can regenerate your muscles, bones, and energy, the testimonials from others who escaped their future and wrote a new story will.  

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