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Extremely Excited and Delightfully Happy

Emotional Wellness happens in unlikely places.

I had a wonderful experience this morning. It was time I find a good hair salon to get my hair cut. I have done Great Clips and Walmart for far too long. I pulled up the internet and found a salon with many many reviews and they were all fives. So I took a chance. This is a shout out to Taylor and Savannah, (I think it is Savannah.) Kelly Cardenas Salon South Jordan They took my overwhelmed life and slowed it down for almost 2 hours. I was shampooed, massaged, conversed with and most of all came out with a better-than-fantastic hair cut. I have already made my appointment for six weeks from now. Who knew when I walked through the door, that my emotional wellness would be improved and my tired body would be healed.

Why is this something to write about?

There are two reasons. First of all, one of the things we talk about at Heartiness Approach is Emotional Wellness. With all the moving and tearing down our homestead and traveling we have not taken time for ourselves. This morning that changed. These girls pampered me and I relaxed, talked, laughed, and shared. I came out of there happy. There was a text from Jim when I came out asking how I was doing. I answered back. Extremely Excited and Delightfully Happy. Now when you can answer a question with that answer, life is pretty good.

Something greater took place.

But there was something that took place there even greater than the haircut and the massage. Rhenda's Hairdo There was a connection with people that happened. Taylor asked me to tell her about myself. So slowly I talked about my terrific husband and best friend. And eventually it came out that we had a YouTube channel with over 1700 subscribers. She knew enough about YouTube to know that was significant. Heartiness Approach YouTube Channel She asked about it. I never just  start talking about the way we eat and exercise and care for ourselves because it can be in the same category as Politics and Religion. But she kept asking questions and then Savannah kept asking questions. Emotional wellness depends on our ability to connect with others.

They truly wanted to know.

They talked about their parents and one talked about her grandma. As the discussion progressed I realized that what we have, what we live, what we do is not new, but we do live it and people notice that we do not look old. We do not let age stop us. We do not use age as a factor except to help others know that age is not the factor to stop them from good health. Even poor health is not the reason to stop them from good health. What is stopping people is themselves. Everyone is capable of eating real food, exercising to strengthen muscles and bones and everyone can turn their attitude to joyful. Everyone can grow one plant to feed themselves. These two beautiful young girls may have just been doing their job, but I felt they genuinely cared about what they were hearing. They wanted my card. They wanted to follow.

Will it make a difference in their life?

Perhaps, but I am not naive enough to think that they will pass up fast food, stop eating sugar and processed food. But there is a seed planted. Perhaps their babies will be raised on healthier food, their grandma will know it is not to late for her to make a difference in her life. Perhaps late at night, they will think about what they heard. But I for one, cannot wait for the 6 weeks to pass, so I can go back and continue to be pampered. I am extremely excited and delightfully happy and today my emotional wellness was nurtured.

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