How to Eliminate Processed Food From Your Diet

How to Eliminate Processed Food From Your Diet We keep saying that Heartiness Approach is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. We are not calling is a well-kept secret or new information, but eliminated processed food is key to success. ¬†As we research the healthy eating topics we keep finding that there were many people talking about healthy eating in the early 20th century. If we were to look deeper we suspect that there were some even earlier. The principles and facts are not new, some have been updated, but the reasons that many do not heed is the existence of conflicting information that continues to prevail. ¬†Heartiness Approach […]

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How to Clear out Processed Food from Your Diet

In all honesty processing food is what we do to food to take it from its whole form and make it so it can be eaten. Grinding grain into flour, or sprouting it is a form of processing. What we do not want to eat is refined foods and manufactured processed food. When the germ is taken out of the wheat and the flour becomes white, with nutrients removed, manufacturers will add products back in to the flour to try to make it more nutritious. This is the type of food we do not want to eat. This is the type of food we need to clear out of our […]