How To Come Home Wherever You Are – Finding your YouTube Family

There is no place like home. Our past three months visiting family is unsurpassed in the relationships we nurtured and the memories we made. We will ever be grateful for those three unprecedented months we took between our Oregon Homestead and our Pennsylvania home. Surrounded by forest and snow, we have arrived in Pennsylvania. I felt like a newlywed as I unpacked our few kitchen items we brought. We are house-sitting for my brother and his wife, who is my dear friend. This will allow us to reach one our 2018 goals for the year – pay off the rest of my student loan. Then we can get into our […]

The Process of Aging – Crossing over the Chasm

The Process of Aging As I sat in church I heard a petition as someone prayed for a 91 year old that he would be comforted as he went through the process of aging. I was struck by that sentence. The Process of Aging…. It is true that our hormones change as production decreases and our cells are not replenished as plentifully. But what is not true is the attitude that aging illnesses have to happen and to just accept them. We are in our sixties. That means that everyone else who was born in the late 1940s and early 1950s are also in their sixties. What we are experiencing […]

Rhenda on the tire swing

Eat Real Food, Exercise, Be Emotionally Well, Grow your own Food, and Sustainably Live In Place.

Sustainable living in place and being healthy go hand in hand. Losing weight is not how to get healthy. Calories in and calories out is an equation that fails to make one healthy. Diets can make a short term difference but all that we know of fall short and many people don’t stick with them. You need to have a plan that works to get you healthy and keep you that way as you age. You also need support and accountability Heartiness Approach helps you to eat real food, exercise, be emotionally well and do it all by growing your own food in a homestead setting. Take control of your Food Supply. […]

Patience is a Virtue we Continue to Cultivate

Patience is the key word We have never had patience. We have always been spontaneous. We are working very hard to do this move right. Like we said yesterday, we sat on this decision for a month, not wanting to even address it. Now, it is harder. We are getting items sold. The chickens are sold. The daily chores are minimal. We are taking down our chicken coop that we built when we first moved here, carefully stacking the wood to take it with us and build it again. We still have not had rain so the yard does not need mowed, on the contrary, it is so dormant, it […]

Sustainable Living In Place – Act Now

Changing the Emphasis in Our Life to Sustainable It is impossible to experience #SustainableLivingInPlace if your living situation is not financially sustainable. Finding the correct living situation is imperative in order to accomplish sustainability. Creativity may be the key to obtaining this goal. Stepping into a new Journey of Sustainable Living For the last two years we placed ourselves in a small community and proceeded to build a homestead on rented land. We succeeded.  We had a beautiful garden, a beautiful flock of chickens, raised our own chicken and turkey meat and loved every minute of it. We especially found support through our YouTube Homesteading channel community. When we asked […]

How to Eliminate Processed Food From Your Diet

How to Eliminate Processed Food From Your Diet We keep saying that Heartiness Approach is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. We are not calling is a well-kept secret or new information, but eliminated processed food is key to success.  As we research the healthy eating topics we keep finding that there were many people talking about healthy eating in the early 20th century. If we were to look deeper we suspect that there were some even earlier. The principles and facts are not new, some have been updated, but the reasons that many do not heed is the existence of conflicting information that continues to prevail.  Heartiness Approach […]

Real Food

How to Clear out Processed Food from Your Diet

In all honesty processing food is what we do to food to take it from its whole form and make it so it can be eaten. Grinding grain into flour, or sprouting it is a form of processing. What we do not want to eat is refined foods and manufactured processed food. When the germ is taken out of the wheat and the flour becomes white, with nutrients removed, manufacturers will add products back in to the flour to try to make it more nutritious. This is the type of food we do not want to eat. This is the type of food we need to clear out of our […]