Step On Our Path To Heartiness

To step on the path to heartiness is to approach the path, get on and with vigor, and hearty sincerity go forward to approach a sound body, through proper diet, exercise, emotional wellness, and nutrient dense grown food. Heartiness Approach works with people of all ages because if a child could eat right from birth, they have a much greater chance of living a long healthy, well, life. We also choose to put an emphasis on working with our 50 friends because we are over 50, in fact we are over 60. No matter your age, you can decrease and prevent the illnesses that come because of lifestyle choices. It is not too late to make a difference in your life. Heartiness Approach is a lifestyle change to reduce the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Type II Diabetes, and Heart disease, Osteoporosis, GERD, Alzheimer's Disease and many other illnesses. It also can drastically reduce childhood obesity, asthma, and childhood rashes too name a few. 

These are not age-acquired diseases. You are not destined to get them just because of getting old. These are lifestyle-acquired. Even if you are genetically predisposed to a particular disease, your lifestyle choices can help that disease pass you by. While the rest of your family has high blood pressure, or diabetes, or heart disease, you can change the way you live, eat, sleep, exercise, stress and enjoy life, and bypass those lifestyle-induced illnesses. You will have fun with this lifestyle.


The change includes how to shop, eat, move your body, manage your stress, sleep well and care for ourselves mentally and emotionally. A large part of Heartiness Approach is to realize the necessity of eating food that is grown in a nutrient dense medium in order to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires. 

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