Patience is a Virtue we Continue to Cultivate

Patience is the key word We have never had patience. We have always been spontaneous. We are working very hard to do this move right. Like we said yesterday, we sat on this decision for a month, not wanting to even address it. Now, it is harder. We are getting items sold. The chickens are sold. The daily chores are minimal. We are taking down our chicken coop that we built when we first moved here, carefully stacking the wood to take it with us and build it again. We still have not had rain so the yard does not need mowed, on the contrary, it is so dormant, it […]

Sustainable Living In Place – Act Now

Changing the Emphasis in Our Life to Sustainable It is impossible to experience #SustainableLivingInPlace if your living situation is not financially sustainable. Finding the correct living situation is imperative in order to accomplish sustainability. Creativity may be the key to obtaining this goal. Stepping into a new Journey of Sustainable Living For the last two years we placed ourselves in a small community and proceeded to build a homestead on rented land. We succeeded.  We had a beautiful garden, a beautiful flock of chickens, raised our own chicken and turkey meat and loved every minute of it. We especially found support through our YouTube Homesteading channel community. When we asked […]