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To encourage a better way to eat, exercise, play, sleep and live. path2


Food is a joy in life. The reality is that food is the center of our relaxation, entertainment, business, and life. The more we eat, drink and share with our friends, family and colleagues the more we connect.


Big business is built around food because that is where the money is spent. Today we have more diabetes, heart disease and obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, the GERD than ever before. We pop a pill and pillsgo on with our lifestyle.


All of these diseases were not as prevalent thirty years ago. Yes we have food that is "supersized" and yes our portions are larger at restaurants, but do we really eat that much more than we use too. heart with steth

Think about it. We can blame a lot of causes. Is it a lack of self control?  Many do lack self control but babies and children are obese and have diabetes. They are not at fault. Forty year olds are in the emergency rooms with heart attacks.


There must be something more. There is! The type of food we eat now is the big problem. The ingredients in the food we eat now cause the illness.


Heartiness Approach is taking on Metabolic Syndrome. What is it, you ask?

Step On Our Path To Heartiness

To step on the path to heartiness is to approach the path, get on and with vigor, and hearty sincerity go forward to approach a sound body, through proper diet, exercise, emotional wellness, and nutrient dense grown food. Heartiness Approach chooses to work with our over 50 friends because we are over 50. We choose you as a group to decrease and prevent the illnesses that come because of lifestyle choices. It is true that if we eat correctly from birth the likelihood of disease sharply drops, but we want to show you, our over 50 friends, that it is not too late. Heartiness Approach is a lifestyle change to reduce the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Type II Diabetes, and Heart disease, Osteoporosis, GERD, Alzheimer's Disease and many other illnesses. .

The change includes how to shop, how to eat, moving your body, managing stress, getting a good night sleep and caring for ourselves mentally and emotionally. A large part of heartiness approach is to realize the necessity of eating food that is grown in a nutrient dense medium in order to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires.

These are not age-acquired diseases. You are not distined to get them just because of getting old. These are lifestyle-acquired. Even if you are genetically predisposed to a particular disease, your lifestyle choices can help that disease pass you by. While the rest of your family has high blood pressure, or diabetes, or heart disease, you can change the way you live, eat, sleep, exercise, stress and enjoy life, and bypass those lifestyle-induced illnesses. You will have fun with this lifestyle.

Growing Older Actively

While managing an Assisted Living Facility, I had a resident move in who was 99 years old.I inquired to know what help we could give her. I asked her if we could help her dress. “No, I can do that without any difficulty.” I asked about helping her with showers. “Well, why would I need that? I am very limber and can get in and out of the shower myself.” She then kicked her leg high above her head like a Rockette, in perfect balance. I just smiled at her in amazement. I tried to convince her to let us do her laundry but often found her hauling her basket of clothes down the hall. She had taken care of her body and her body had taken care of her.  



When we managed an Independent Living Community we asked the residents what they wanted to do for activities. A few said, “We want to do White-Water Rafting”.smallerversion Others thought they were kidding. They were not. One of the residents required assistance with a walker, one was over ninety and one was blind, the others were typical retirement living residents. We found a rafting company that would provide the correct guides and accept the challenge. It was a marvelous  experience. I sat in the back with the 90 year-old because she only weighed 90 lbs. My job was to hold onto her when we hit the white water. It was a blast. They loved it. In the calm water we had water fights. There were no old people in those rafts. Everyone was willing to take their fears, face them and have fun as a young person. They followed their heart.



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